20 Hour CTEC Renewal Course

2018 CTEC Continuing Education Renewal

This 20 Hour CTEC Renewal Course is designed for California Tax Preparers who want to renew their CTEC Registration before the October 31st renewal deadline. This course includes both Federal and California continuing education credits for both CTEC and PTIN renewal. The course and exam is done online on your own schedule, and we offer a book version of the course as well to take along side the online course and exam. If you want to purchase the book and online course together, click the blue enroll button down below to the right.

Note: The book version is an exact copy of the online course material, except it is in book format. The book version is not required to take the course, but is highly recommend as to allow you a more comfortable style when studying the course. If you have trouble staring at a computer screen for too long, the book will be most beneficial. You can also use this book while taking the exam, for referencing material when you get stuck on a particular question.

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Tax Course Central is a CTEC Approved Education Provider. Upon completion of your CTEC course, we will submit your information to the California Tax Education Council (CTEC), and depending on which CTEC course you’ve completed, you’ll then be able to either register or renew with CTEC.


If you have more than three people purchasing any of our courses together, give us a call at 800-349-8905 or send us an email at support@taxcoursecentral.com to receive a group discount offer.


If you find our course somewhere else for a lower price, contact us at 800-349-8905 , or send us an email at support@taxcoursecentral.com and we’ll provide you with a coupon code to use that will beat that price.


We give students unlimited time to complete their CTEC courses as well as unlimited attempts to pass their CTEC course exams, so if you don’t pass on the first attempt, that’s okay, you can take it again. And we do not charge extra fees to retake your exams.


We will report your course completion to CTEC within 24 hours of completing your course. If you need your hours reported sooner, just give us a call and we will submit your hours right then and there for you. We do not charge extra fees to report your hours to CTEC.

24 / 7 SUPPORT

Getting a hold of us is easy! You can call us, email us, or live chat with us 7 days a week. Phone Support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time, and closed during the weekend. Live Chat is available 7 days a week. Support hours are extended during the last two weeks of October for CTEC Renewals.

Our Courses Are Simple And Easy To Use

We know you have to take the 20 hour CTEC renewal course every year, so we’ve made sure to keep the entire process as simple as possible.

The CTEC renewal course is divided into lessons that cover various tax related topics such as 2018 Federal Tax Law Updates, Ethics, California Tax Law, and more. At the end of each lesson, you are given a set of review questions to answer that will test your knowledge on the current lesson.

Once you’ve completed all the lessons, you will be given access to the Final Exam, of which you’ll need a passing score of 70% or higher. And don’t worry, you have unlimited attempts to pass, so don’t sweat it if you don’t pass on your first try. You don’t have to take the entire exam in one sitting either, you’re able to take a break at anytime and come back later, just make sure to save your progress before you leave.

Once you pass the Final Exam, your course will be considered complete and you will be given access to download/print your Certificate of Completion. We will then report your course completion to CTEC and the IRS, allowing you to renew your CTEC registration.


Book Option Now Available!

You can now purchase the book version of the 2018 CTEC Renewal Course. When you purchase this course with the book option, you will still have 24/7 unlimited access to the online course. Your course exam will be taken online, whether or not you purchased the book option.

Purchasing the book is a great way to take notes without having to print a ton of pages and wasting paper. It’s also a great tool for reference while taking the final exam (Yes, it is an open book exam!)

Shipping price is already included in the course price.

Remember, you can start taking your course right away while you wait for your course book to arrive in the mail.

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Complete a 20 Hour CTEC Renewal Course each year.

Maintain a valid PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) from the IRS

Maintain a $5,000 tax preparer bond

Fill out the CTEC renewal form and pay the $33 CTEC renewal fee at CTEC.org

Important Information

Remember that all CTEC registered tax preparers are required to renew their registration with CTEC annually to legally preparer tax returns. And it is the individual tax preparers responsibility to renew their registration with CTEC, not their employer, even if the employer has agreed to pay for their continuing education course.

And remember that completing the 20 hour CTEC Renewal course is just 1 of the steps required to renew your CTEC Registration. You are also required to go to CTEC.org and fill out the renewal form and pay the $33 CTEC renewal fee. Once you have completed your 20 hours of continuing education, filled out the renewal from at CTEC.org and paid the CTEC renewal fee, you have then successfully renewed your registration with CTEC.

Important Reminder

All CTEC Registered Tax Preparers are required to take 20 hours CTEC Continuing Education annually in order to renew their CTEC registration by October 31st. Once you finish this course, you are still required to go to CTEC.org/Preparer/Logon/ ( <– Click Link ) to pay the $33 CTEC renewal fee and fill out the renewal form. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take CTEC courses ?

If you wish to prepare taxes for a fee in the state of California, then you are required by state law to register with the California Tax Education Council (CTEC). In order to register with CTEC, one must complete 60 hours of CTEC Approved Qualifying Education, and 20 hours of CTEC Approved Continuing Education by October 31st of every year. If you want to just prepare your own taxes, you do not need to take CTEC courses.

Do I need to take 20 hours of Continuing Education by 10/31 even if I just finished the 60 hour course in the same year?

Yes, if you registered with CTEC after completing your 60 hour tax course, then you will be required to renew your CTEC registration and have 20 hours of continuing education completed before October 31st. All CTEC Registered Tax Preparers are required to pay the $33 Renewal Fee with CTEC and have 20 hours of continuing education completed by October 31st every year.

If you fail to complete the 20 hours of C.E. or renew by October 31st, you’ll be required to pay a $55 late fee, and you will have until January 15th to complete your 20 hours of C.E. If you have not completed your 20 hours of C.E. by January 15th, you will be required to retake the CTEC 60 hour course and restart the registration process with CTEC.

Are your courses approved by CTEC & the IRS ?

Yes, both 60 and 20 hour courses are approved by CTEC (California Tax Education Council) and the IRS. You can find our company listed here – https://www.ctec.org/Payer/ApprovedProvider/

I forgot to renew with CTEC , do I need to take the 60 hour course again ?

Yes, if you forgot to take the 20 hour continuing education course and/or forgot to renew with CTEC by the January 15th final deadline, CTEC will require you to re start the entire registration process, which includes retaking the 60 hour qualifying education course. 

Do I need to take a state exam after completing this course ?

Nope, the only test you’ll need to take is already included in this course. You won’t have to leave your home to take the test, you can take it at the computer when ever you’re ready. And we give you unlimited time and attempts, so if you don’t pass, you can keep on retaking it.

Are your CTEC courses up to date ?

Absolutely. All of our courses are updated annually with any new tax laws and regulations that come out.

What makes your course better than others ?

What sets us apart from everyone else is the practicality we’ve integrated into our courses. We’ve made the course extremely user friendly for those who are not that familiar with computers. All you have to do to start the course is simply enter your username and password, and you’re in! There’s no complicated PDF forms or test answers you need to print and mail in, everything is done on our website.

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