Customer Testimonials

Anna Rodriguez

Seasonal Tax Preparer in Chino Hills, CA

“This was the third company I’ve used for my renewals with ctec and this company had the easiest course to navigate out of all of them. Will be coming back next year, thank you!”


Mary Stein

Tax Preparer from Sacremento, CA

“Like others have already pointed out, the simplicity of the course was my favorite part. I had an issue with my hours getting reported but that was because I waited last minute again and forgot to enter my ctec id. Other than that, great course.”


Matthew Simon

Tax Preparer fromĀ Serra Mesa, CA

“I took my 60 hour tax class with tax course central and was happy with the material customer service, will come back to renew next year for sure.”


Tabby Jenson

Tax Preparer at ProTax

“This was my first time trying tax central and was very happy with the over all process, did not run into any issues and for that reason I’ll be a return student.”


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